Lokta posters & postcards

Lokta posters & postcards

Lokta Posters Nature & Graphics

Our eco-friendly Lokta paper collection, ‘wall treasures’ and cards are inspired by nature and it’s beauty. All products are genuine hand printed on handmade Nepalese Lokta paper. The Lokta paper is made from the fibrous inner bark of mountainous evergreen shrubs. For centuries it has been loved for its low ecological footprint. By using water based ink for the screenprints we give the product an authentic, unique and most of all environmentally friendly quality.


Art Poster Branch 50 x 70 cm 


Art Poster Floral Field 50 x 70 cm 


Art Poster Crane 50 x 70 cm 


Art Poster Ginko 50 x 70 cm 


Arctic Animals

Discover & Explore our Arctic animal A4 posters, drawn by Jose Marcus. The Whale, Pinguïn and Polar Bear. They all come in a hand sewn Lokta envelope.


Floral collection

Different flowers drawn by Jose Marcus.  Screen printed A4 posters, cards and our cotton garden flags. They all come in a hand sewn Lokta envelope.

Graphic A4 Posters & Postcards 12 x18cm 

Graphic collection exists of 3 graphic designs combined with stitchings. The Mountains, there is something new on the horizon. You Rock, real friendship, someone you can trust. Heart, you fill my heart with beautiful things.

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